In order for your student to be given medication or self-carry medication while at school or school events, these guidelines must be followed:

  • ALL prescribed or over-the-counter medications, whether given by school staff or self-administered by student, must be accompanied by a Medication Authorization form, signed by both the health care provider and the parent/guardian.
  • The Medication Authorization form is only valid for the current school year.  It must be renewed annually
  • NO medication will be given without the physician/parent authorization.
  • The prescribed or over-the-counter medication must be properly labeled (with the student’s name, medication name, and dose), must be unexpired, and must be in the original container.
  • The parent/guardian must deliver the medication to the school in the original container; students may not transport medication to the school unless the student is authorized to self-carry.
  • Students may be permitted to self-carry medication IF there is a Medication Authorization on file, and IF the health care provider, parent, school nurse, and principal agree that the student is capable and responsible to self-carry.
  • Medication in pill form will be counted by a staff member and the parent and recorded on the student’s medication record.
  • At the end of each school year, medications must be picked up by the parent/guardian or they will be disposed of.

 These guidelines are in accordance with school policy 3416 and procedure 3416P adopted 9/22/98, and state laws RCW28A.210.260 and RCW 28A.210.270.

Medication Forms:

Medication Reminder:

Students who are to receive medication at school, including over the counter medications, must have an “Authorization for Medication at School” signed by the prescribing physician and parent. The form is available at school offices. The medication must have a current pharmacy label matching the physician and orders and be in the original container. The parent or designated adult (over 21) must bring the medication to school. Children may not transport medication. No medication will be given without physician and parent authorization. In some instances children are allowed to carry medication on them. This must have approval from both the school principal and school nurse. Medication regulations are set according to state law, RCW 28A.210.260 and 270.