School Board

About the Board:

The Board is composed of five district citizens elected by the district voters who serve staggered four-year terms. Their authority is established by the Washington State Legislature (in Section 28A of the Revised Code of Washington) and they act under the direction and restrictions of state law. Acting as secretary to the School Board, the Superintendent is responsible to them for implementing policies and for operation of the schools.

The Board recognizes the value of student participation in decision making for the school district. The Board selects a high school junior in January of each year to act as a communication link with the High School Student Body for a one-year term. The student role is advisory and non-voting in accordance with state law.

The Board recognizes that it has an obligation to the people of the Omak School District to plan the best possible program of education and to expand revenues wisely.


The Board is responsible to:

  • Establish general policy for the school system;
  • Employ school personnel upon recommendation of the superintendent;
  • Adopt and revise the annual operating budget;
  • Exercise the legislative powers conferred or implied by the Legislature in administering school functions;
  • Select and evaluate the Superintendent of Schools.


Regular school board meetings are held in the Board Room of the District Administration Building located at 619 W. Bartlett Avenue, Omak. Meetings take place at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. (The exception may be in December, if needed to accommodate the Christmas break.) To view the current board agenda, click on the left margin under agendas.

Board members welcome and appreciate community involvement and input regarding the operation of the district. They can better represent the community when district residents, students, staff members and parents take time to express their opinions and raise questions. All citizens are encouraged to attend Board meetings.

Board of Director’s Goals 2017-2020:

We, the Omak School District Board of Directors, have adopted the following goals to ensure that all students graduate prepared for success in career or college. District programs are established and operated to ensure development of academic, artistic, and athletic attributes of every student in a safe, civil, and secure environment. All decisions taken at any level in the District are to be directly connected to achieving the goals of the Strategic Plan.

  1. Project and prepare for future facility needs including successfully funding changes, and specific facilities plans.
  2. Continue to actively provide policy in support of the School/Community Strategic Plan.
    • Goal 1 - Ensure rigorous, relevant, and engaging research based learning experiences for every student.
    • Goal 2 - Build and sustain strong relationships with families and the community where every student is respected and safe.
    • Goal 3 - Recruit, develop, retain and value quality and effective personnel in all positions.
    • Goal 4 - Align the district financial plan to support resources and operations with accountability and openness.
    • Goal 5 - Plan, provide, and maintain quality school facilities that support current and future program needs
  3. Maintain an 8% budget reserve.
  4. Support mechanisms for early academic intervention for struggling students at all grade levels while insisting on steady and measurable academic progress reports throughout the District.  Current timelines for reporting include October, February, and June Board meetings.
  5. Support development of socially valued student personal skills beyond academics through active involvement in school activities leading to better personal skills desired by employers:  Responsibility, Respect, Contemplation, Compassion, Initiative, Adaptability, Perseverance, Honesty, Optimism, Trustworthiness, Courage, and Loyalty.

Rev. 10/10/17

Mission Statement:

Creating a Future For Every Child


Success Through Aligned, Intentional, and Meaningful Programs