Student Health & Wellness

Laura Snider, School Nurse (North & East Elementary)
Student Health & Wellness

Debbie Lawrence, School Nurse (OMS & OHS)
Student Health & Wellness

Heidi Petersen, Health Services  Assistant (Omak School District)
Student Health & Wellness

The school nurses perform a variety of duties including:

  • Assessing student health needs
  • Developing and monitoring student health plans
  • Staff training for medication administration and health plans
  • Supervising medication administration
  • Coordinating health screenings (vision, hearing, dental)
  • Overseeing maintenance of student health and immunization records
  • Assessment of communicable diseases

School secretaries and paraprofessionals support each school and the school nurses by performing such tasks as dispensing medication to students, providing first aid to ill or injured students, phoning parents about health concerns, and documenting health room activity.

Please call Laura or Debbie with any questions or concerns about your student’s health, school health concerns or other health-related issues.

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