For information about school bus routes, bus safety, and other transportation needs contact our transportation director Penny Statler  at 826-2240. For additional information, please visit


  1. The driver has full responsibility for the bus and students. Students must promptly obey the bus driver.
  2. Any student may be assigned to a specific seat at the driver’s discretion.
  3. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct must be observed.
  4. Students are to assist in keeping the bus clean.
  5. No student shall open a window on the bus without getting permission from the driver.
  6. No student shall, at any time, extend his / her head, hands, or arms out of a window, whether the bus has come to a full stop or is moving. Nothing is to be thrown or handed through a window.
  7. Students are to remain seated while the bus is in motion and are not to get off or on until the bus has come to a full stop.
  8. Students will load and unload at designated stops only.
  9. Students who have to walk for some distance along the highway to the bus loading zone should walk along the left side of the road, facing traffic. This will also apply to students leaving the bus loading zone.
  10. Students must leave the bus in an orderly manner and must cross the road only in front of the bus.
  11. Students must not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the school bus.
  12. Students must not, at any time, ride or hang on the outside of the bus.
  13. Students must have nothing in their possession or attached to their clothing that may cause injury or inconvenience to others. Balloons are not allowed. DANGEROUS ITEMS OR NUISANCE TOYS WILL BE CONFISCATED.
  14. Each student must see that his/her books and personal belongings are kept out of aisles.
  15. No student should talk to the driver except when necessary.
  16. Students are not to leave the school grounds after arriving at school in the morning or before boarding their bus after school.
  17. Students must have prior permission and obtain a bus pass to ride a bus other than their scheduled bus. These must be obtained from the main office prior to boarding the bus. VIOLATIONS (Minor or Major) of these rules will cause the following results:
  18. A. Three Minor violations (bus tickets) result in one-week suspension from riding the bus. Five Minor violations result in a two-week suspension and Seven Minor violations cause suspension from riding the bus for the remainder of the term (up to 90 days).