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Paraeducator Certificate Program

The Paraeducator Certificate Program offers standards-based training for all instructional paraeducators in Washington State. It has two required training components, the Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) and the General Paraeducator Certificate.

Be sure to check your Omak School District email often! You will receive important emails regarding your specific training plan requirements and reminders. It is important to know that each individual paraeducator is at a different place in their training and have completed different things throught the past few years. What one paraeducator in your school is training on may not be the same training that you require. If you have questions about where you are in your training, please email Jill Timm at jtimm@omaksd.org.

Fundamental Course of Study (FCS)

As part of the paraeducator certificate program, Washington State has mandated that paraeducators have a Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) totaling 28 hours within their first school year of employment. There is no substitution for the FCS; it is a requrement of all paraeducators regardless of college degree, certificate held, or prior experience. 

Required Modules

Once a paraeducator has finished all FCS courses, they will receive a Form 1128-10. It is the responsibility of the paraeducator to log into their OSPI E-Certification account and create a single entry for the 28 FCS hours. The single entry is what triggers OSPI's system to recognize you've completed the FCS prerequisite and are now eligible to apply for the general certificate (once your 70 clock hours are completed). 

General Paraeducator Certificate

Upon completion of the Fundamental Course of Study, Washington State has mandated that all paraeducators complete an additional 70 clock hours to obtain their General Paraeducator Certificate. Paraeducators must receive 14 hours of training each year toward the general certificate. Any clock hour training that will assist the instructional skills of a paraeducator may count. All clock hours must be added by the paraeducator to their OSPI E-Certification account. 

Paraeducators enrolled in college courses can use thier college credits toward their general certificate hours. Any credits taken on or after July 1, 2019 can count toward their general certificate.

Paraeducators who have a valid 181 certificate (e.g., a teaching certificate) can apply for the general certificat whey they have finished the FCS without taking additional training. Limited certificates, such as Emergency Substitute Certificates, do not qualify.