Facility Use Request

Reservations may be subject to cancellation due to the uncertain status of building closure.

Facility Use Request

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Welcome to ML Schedules for online facility use requests. If this is your first time using this system, you will click on the red icon below to register for a new account. You will be notified by email when it is approved. The email will have login information you need when you click on the green icon to request space(s).

Reservations must be submitted 14 days in advance for any school facility and 30 days in advance for the Performing Arts Center. The Performing Arts Center is located under the Omak Middle School Site on ML Schedules.

All organizations, other than Omak School District Personnel/School Activities, must upload an adequate Certificate of Liability Insurance to your Group profile upon requesting use of District Facilities as stated in the Board Policy. In transition, the request can be placed on hold for up to one month, but in no case less than 14 days prior to the event (30 days for the PAC), to provide the insurance, or the request will be declined at that time. Links to Facilities Use Policies for the District and the PAC can be found near the bottom of this page. You may request a sample certificate by emailing dsuder@omaksd.org.

Certificate Holder/Additionally Insured: Omak School District     (not the building(s) requested)
                                                                       619 W Bartlett Ave         (not the former PO Box)
                                                                       Omak WA 98841

Starting in March of each year, reservation requests will be available through the following fiscal year ending August 31st. EXCEPTION: The Performing Arts Center, Foyer, Multi-Purpose Room & Dressing Rooms are open ONLY to the "Omak School District Personnel/School Activities" classification during the month of March, after which time all spaces will be open to all requesters. IMPORTANT: If you reserve the PAC, you will ALWAYS need to reserve the PAC Foyer/MS Student Activity Center. The Foyer reservation will ask if you are using the concession. Do you need the MS MultiPurpose Room/Cafeteria? How about the MS/PAC Dressing Rooms? Please make your set-up/rehearsal reservation on a separate request from the performance reservation as different rules and fees do apply to each of those events. Please take care to enter the times correctly. Set-up and break-down times will be the entire time you are in the facility. The event time is the actual time your main activity (i.e.: performance, game, presentation, etc.) is scheduled within that span of time. This is very important information for personnel and services you may be needing. The estimated fees do not include personnel fees such as technical support or custodial services. If applicable, these services will be included on your invoice based on actual labor hours

A $75 non-refundable deposit is expected for the Performing Arts Center and may be submitted to the District Office. This deposit will be applied to your invoice after the event.

A $50 refundable access deposit (swipe card and/or key), if applicable, can be arranged through the building administrator or designee.

You will receive a “Thank You” notification if you have submitted your request successfully. All requests go through a process of approvers. Use of a facility is not confirmed until you receive the approved confirmation email.

School activities are always given priority and, at times, it may be necessary to “bump” your event for this purpose.

For space information, please call the building where you want to request a reservation.

For system technical assistance, please email dsuder@omaksd.org.

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