Omak School District People

Deana Abel

Human Resource Communication Coordinator

Yesica Andrist

Accounting Officer

Shelby Bohrman


Tim Engh

Facilities Director & Safety Officer

Cindy Faughn

Special Services Assistant II

Eric Freund

North/East Elementary Technician

Rachelle Gaines

Payroll Supervisor

Scott Haeberle

Executive Director of Finance

Kammie Hilton

Student Records Coordinator

Debra Lawrence

MS/HS Nurse

Cody Leatherman

MS / HS Technician

Sarah Lewman

Special Education Director

Andrea Martin

Payroll Specialist

Estelle McCormack

Executive Secretary

Jerrod McNeil

Assistant Facilities Director

Amie Meese

Benefits Specialist

Lynette Pearce

Special Services Assistant I

Heidi Peterson

Nurse Assistant

Heather Popelier

Human Resource Specialist

Michael Porter


Brittney Richter

Executive Director of Human Resources

Jordan Sackman

Family Engagement Specialist

Tara Serles

Fiscal Specialist

Laura Snider

P-5 Elementary Nurse

Nancy (Penny) Statler

Transportation Supervisor

Saisa Stoumbaugh

Transportation Secretary

Debby Suder

Maintenance Secretary

Jill Timm

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning