Omak School District People

Deana Abel

Human Resource Communication Coordinator

Yesica Andrist

Accounting Officer

Shelby Bohrman


Tim Engh

Facilities Director & Safety Officer

Cindy Faughn

Special Services Assistant II

Eric Freund

North/East Elementary Technician

Rachelle Gaines

Payroll Supervisor

Jacob Gates

Physical Therapy Assistant

Scott Haeberle

Executive Director of Finance

Kammie Hilton

Student Records Coordinator

John Holcomb

Special Education Director

Debra Lawrence

MS/HS Nurse

Cody Leatherman

MS / HS Technician

Andrea Martin

Payroll Specialist

Estelle McCormack

Executive Secretary

Jerrod McNeil

Assistant Facilities Director

Amie Meese

Benefits Specialist

Lynette Pearce

Special Services Assistant I

Heidi Peterson

Nurse Assistant

Heather Popelier

Human Resource Specialist

Michael Porter


Brittney Richter

Executive Director of Human Resources

Jordan Sackman

Family Engagement Specialist

Tara Serles

Fiscal Specialist

Laura Snider

P-5 Elementary Nurse

Nancy (Penny) Statler

Transportation Supervisor

Saisa Stoumbaugh

Transportation Secretary

Debby Suder

Maintenance Secretary

Jill Timm

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning