TEA Club

Omak High School’s  Teaching Everyone Awareness (TEA) Club began in 2018. The TEA Club's mission is to provide resources and opportunities to empower Omak youth to prevent substance use and promote a healthy and safe environment. The TEA Club works in partnership with the Okanogan County Community Coalition and collaborates with organizations/businesses interested in promoting positive health (physical, emotional, intellectual, social, financial, occupational, environmental). 

TEA Club members have been involved in the following activities that promote a healthy and safe community: 

  • Many members have been trained to be suicide prevention presenters. They have taught other students about suicide warning signs and what steps to take to get help to prevent suicide using the Forefront in Schools “LEARN” message.  
  • During Mental Health Awareness week, TEA Club members gave out information on managing stress, anxiety, bullying, depression, and mental health resource providers in our community came and offered information to students at the High School. 
  • With the support and assistance of Genes Harvest Foods and Okanogan County Community Coalition the TEA Club Sticker Shocked Beer and Wine beverages at Genes Harvest Foods with alcohol warning stickers stating that it is illegal to purchase or provide alcohol for anyone under the age of 21. 
  • The TEA Club gave out information attached to tea bags to students during Tobacco Free Youth Day.
  • TEA Club members developed a Vaping Prevention PowerPoint and presented to the 7th and 8th grade students at the Middle School.
  • The TEA Club walked at the Suicide Walk and set up a table in the park with depression and suicide prevention and other related materials for those in attendance.

If you have questions about TEA Club or would like to volunteer please contact Lesa Eiffert at the High School counseling office or by phone at (509) 826-8541 or e-mail leiffert@omaksd.org