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Welcome to Omak High School

Omak High School has been graduating students in Omak, Washington since 1912. Enrollment is currently around 400 students. We have a diverse range of study opportunities, from the basics of Math and English to multiple Career & Technical opportunities, along with the Arts and AP classes. We also have students at Highlands High School, an alternative option. We are preparing students for a great future!

Mission Statement: Educate, support, & inspire our OP Nation. Every day.

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The Omak High School Office Staff are dedicated to ensuring high levels of support for students, parents, and teachers. We each wear a variety of hats and you'll find that the main office, although a very busy place, is the hub of our school - the location for several resources available or information for whatever it is you may need. We take pride in our school and are here to to assist all parents, students, staff and community members in a friendly and professional manner as they enter our school building and hope to make your visit at OHS a positive experience.

It is always a pleasure to see former students return to our building, signing in as a visitor to reconnect with a former teacher, or tour the "old school" and check out the new facilities, (and it's fantastic when many of our alumni return to enroll their own sons or daughters in our school!)

If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, or need additional information call the building secretary, Donna Howe at (509) 826-8503.

Omak High School welcomes parents/guardians, family members who would like to come in as a volunteer and help with special projects, events or activities happening at our school, however a volunteer packet & forms are required before we can allow that. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Donna Howe in the main office to pick up a packet or stop by the District Office for more information.

Office Contact

Office Main Phone: (509) 826-5150   
(Listen to the pre-recorded message to select the departments extension whom you are calling for)

Main Office Building Secretary: (509) 826-8503
Attendance Office: (509) 826-8555
Counseling- Student Records Office: (509) 826-8531
School Nurse Office: (509) 826-8395
Athletic Office: (509) 826-8501
HS/MS ASB Office: (509) 826-8537

OHS Main Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 3:30PM*


Building Secretary


ASB Secretary / Bookkeeper


Attendance Secretary

*Note: On early release days or Student Led Conference days the office hours may vary because the office staff may be attending in-service training, or meetings/workshops offered. Please feel free to call ahead if you know you will need their assistance on those days, and arrange an appointment. Thank you.

Administrative Contact


Principal - Omak High School