Family Services

Our friendly family services specialists want to assist you in locating the preschool program that is best for your child. Please contact our family services specialist to set up an appointment, where they can meet with you and discuss the options available for your child's education.

gwen and jen

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at either (509) 826-8147 or (509) 826-8149. We would love to visit with you about your child's education.

Gwen Monahan

(509) 826-8149

Gwen is a graduate of Omak High School. She has worked for the Omak School District since 1991 and with the Early Childhood Educational Assistance Program (ECEAP) since 2006.

Omak's Early Child Programs provide free developmental screenings, quality education, family support and health services.

Please feel free to contact Gwen to see which preschool program is the best fit for your family.

Claudia Galván

(509) 826-8147

Claudia has been working for the Early Childhood Programs at North Omak Elementary since 2018. She graduated from Wenatchee Valley College in 2012. In 2015, Claudia started her work in Early Childhood Education with the Birth to Three Program.

Please feel free to contact her to discuss your child’s education.

Claudia ha estado trabajando para los Programas de la Infancia Temprana en North Omak Elementary desde 2018. Se graduỏ de Wenatchee Valley College en 2012. En 2015, Claudia comenzỏ su trabajo en intevenciỏn temprana con el programa de Birth to Three.

Por favor no dude en contactarla para hablar sobre la educaciỏn de su hijo.