Xtreme Challenge

Xtreme Challenge - Expanded Learning Program   

Xtreme Challenge is a 21st CCLC grant funded program that provides out-of-school time activities for qualified students and their families. Xtreme Challenge helps students apply school day learning in a wide variety of project-based classes. What does this mean? Students use what they know, add some new knowledge, and make really cool stuff. Xtreme Challenge incorporates STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning in most classes. We challenge you to be a part of Xtreme Challenge!   

 Project Director Racie McKee   509-826-7680 
 Site Managers   
 North, Bobbi Nessly   509-557-5918 
 East, Vicki James  509-557-5919 
 Middle and High School, Heather Sprinkle   509-557-5921 
 Assistant, Kim Staggs   509-557-5920 

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