In order for your student to be given medication or self-carry medication while at school or school events, these guidelines must be followed:

  • ALL prescribed or over-the-counter medications, whether given by school staff or self-administered by student, must be accompanied by a Medication Authorization form, signed by both the health care provider and the parent/guardian.
  • The Medication Authorization form is only valid for the current school year.  It must be renewed annually
  • NO medication will be given without the physician/parent authorization.
  • The prescribed or over-the-counter medication must be properly labeled (with the student’s name, medication name, and dose), must be unexpired, and must be in the original container.
  • The parent/guardian must deliver the medication to the school in the original container; students may not transport medication to the school unless the student is authorized to self-carry.
  • Students may be permitted to self-carry medication IF there is a Medication Authorization on file, and IF the health care provider, parent, school nurse, and principal agree that the student is capable and responsible to self-carry.
  • Medication in pill form will be counted by a staff member and the parent and recorded on the student’s medication record.
  • At the end of each school year, medications must be picked up by the parent/guardian or they will be disposed of.
 These guidelines are in accordance with school policy 3416 and procedure 3416P adopted 9/22/98, and state laws RCW28A.210.260 and RCW 28A.210.270.
Medication Forms: