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1-8 Outreach 


Welcome to Outreach! Together, we can create an educational program that will help move your child toward academic and personal success.  

Background Information 

Outreach is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program. This program is part of the Omak School District, is part of the public-school system, and is free.  

Outreach offers site-based courses. Site-based courses are courses that can be completed at home (or at the public library, community center, parent’s place of work, etc.). Students can complete all core content classes from home or attend a combination of Outreach courses and courses in the regular classroom. For example, some students spend part of their day in the regular classroom and complete their site-based, Outreach courses at home. Some students complete all courses through Outreach and only come to my office once or twice a week to turn in work, get new work, and to receive tutoring.  

Coursework does not require internet access; however, online programs can be incorporated if the family does have internet access.  

Families choose Outreach for a variety of reasons. Students may have health, behavioral, and/or emotional differences which prevent them from successfully attending regular classroom courses. The goal of this program is for students to re-enter the regular classroom when they can thrive in that environment.  

Outreach students may participate in all school activities, sports, and clubs that regular Omak School District attendees can participate in as long as they meet grade check, attendance requirements, and follow the athletic/activities code of conduct.  

Student Requirements

Students must spend time daily completing assignments. Students must have face-to-face contact with the Outreach instructor at least once a week. During this time, the instructor collects the previous week’s work and goes over the upcoming week’s work. I prefer to see students twice a week for one hour and will recommend twice a week, if time allows. During the second weekly meeting, I look at the work that has been completed and provide help or tutoring with any of the assignments the student may be struggling with. The intent is that students spend a specified number of hours, each day, working on their coursework. The number of hours depends on the number of courses they are taking.  

Parent/Guardian Requirements 

Parents must check in on their child’s progress regularly to ensure they are keeping up on their coursework. This program is a partnership between the Outreach instructor, the parent/guardians, and the student.  

Parents/guardians must meet with the Outreach instructor, at the end of each month, to discuss progress and sign the monthly progress report. The student will receive either “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” based on their coursework and assessment scores.  

Parents should call, e-mail, or stop in if they have any questions or concerns. Parents are a vital part of the success of this program.  

If you are interested in this program, please contact Ellie Swartsel at 509-826-2320 ext. 625, 509-322-9148, or by e-mail at