Board Protocol

Board of Directors Operating Protocol 2018-2020

For the purpose of enhancing teamwork among members of the school board and between the board and the administration, we the members of the Omak School Board represent the needs and interests of all the children in our district and hereby publicly commit ourselves collectively and individually to the following operating protocol:


Ø      Board members will come to the board meetings prepared and ready to do business;


Ø      Surprises to the board or the superintendent will not occur. We agree to ask the board chair or the superintendent to place an item on the agenda instead of bringing it up unexpectedly at the meeting;


Ø      Conduct at a board meeting is very important. We agree to avoid words and actions that create a negative impression on an individual, the board, or the district. While we encourage debate and differing points of view, we will do it with care and respect to avoid an escalation of negative impressions or incidents;


Ø      To be efficient and effective, long board meetings must be avoided. If a board member believes he/she doesn’t have enough information or has questions, either the superintendent or board chair is to be called before the meeting;


Ø      Board meetings are for decision-making, action, and votes, not endless discussion. We agree to “move the questions” when discussion is repetitive;


Ø      The board will not play to the audience. We agree to speak to the issues on the agenda and attend to our fellow board members. Facts and information needed from the administration will be referred to the superintendent;


Ø      Executive sessions will be held only when specific needs arise. Board members will be extremely sensitive to the legal ramifications of their meetings and comments;


Ø      We agree to follow the chain of command and insist that others do so.  All personnel complaints and criticisms received, along with requests which will require time, action, or have political implications are to be directed to the superintendent.  The last stop, not the first, will be to the board.


Ø      The board will not be a “ball carrier” for others; but rather, will encourage others to present their own issues, problems, or proposals;


Ø      The board will emphasize planning, policy-making, and public relations rather than becoming involved in the management of the schools;


Ø      The board will address its behavior by yearly self-evaluation in June of each year and by addressing itself to any individual problems, such as poor meeting attendance, tardiness or leaks of confidential information;


Ø      The board will set clear goals for themselves, the superintendent, and the school district by the month of September of the current school year;


Ø      The superintendent is the chief executive officer and should recommend/proposes/suggest on most matters before the board;


Ø      Individual board members do not have authority. Only the board as a whole has authority. The board president will communicate to the media the position(s) of the board. 


Omak School District #19


Date Approved:  9/25/18