Board Members

BoardMember Kathie Brown - Board Chairman
 PO Box 3427 Omak, WA 98841

 Building Co-Representative - North Elementary/East  Elementary/Middle School
 Co-Paschal Sherman Standing Committee
 Appointed 7/27/09 - Term 2015-19
 Position Number Five - At Large Position

BoardMember Dennis Carlton - Board Member
 PO Box 874, Omak, WA 98841

 Building Co-Representative - North School/High School/WAVA  Schools
 WIAA Representative; Co-Legislative Representative
 Date Term began 12/17/13; Term 2013-2017

 Position Number One - At Large Position


BoardMember Yvette Hill - Board Member
 100 Airport Road, Omak, WA 98841
 Building Co-Representative - Middle School/High School/Highlands  High School
 Omak Performing Arts Center Foundation Representative;
 Appointed 11/30/12 - Term 2013-2017
 Position Number Four

BoardMember Pete Sirois - Board Vice-Chairman
 PO Box 1377, Omak WA 98841
 Co-Paschal Sherman Standing Committee; Co-Legislative  Representative
 Building Co-Representative - North/East Elementary/Highlands HS
 Date Term began 11/27/07; Term 2015-19
 Position Number Two

BoardMember Marjorie Thompson - Board Member
 7 Miller Rd, Omak WA 98841
 Building Co-Representative - Middle School/ High School/WAVA  Schools
 Date Term began 7/2/96; Term 2015-19
 Position Number Three


BoardMember Dr. Erik Swanson - Board Secretary
 62 Robinson Canyon Rd, Omak, WA 98841




photo of Aspen BoscoAspen Bosco
Student Representative - Senior

photo of Franshesca Carrion OliverFranshesca Oliver
Student Representative - Junior