Summer Projects Underway

Summer Projects Underway
PAC seats replacedThe Omak School District has many summer projects planned. These are all part of regular maintenance and come from general funds, including levy funding.

The Middle School will see some of the biggest projects, including a remodel of the office area to provide better security and flow to the foyer area. The project is underway now, where a window is being opened in the office to see directly into the entryway, where the doors will be replaced with new security doors. Any visitor will have to be buzzed in from the office during school hours.            

The front dry well at the Middle School entrance is out to bid, with a goal to be complete in late July.            

Also, the PAC is getting new seats installed, as the nearly 30-year-old seats are showing signs of wear. Seats will be installed in July.            

The multi-purpose room has new basketball and volleyball lines painted so that sports teams can better practice.            

Along with the Middle School, the High School will be part of a camera/security project through EVCO sound, Spokane. They will begin to install a new system in July.            

The High School B Wing (south wing) will have a water line redo, complete in late July.            

At North, two new portable buildings will be moving in over the summer, ready to serve as classrooms in the new school year.            

The playground will also receive 282 yards of engineered wood fiber at North for all play areas.            

District-wide, carpet installations will be happening after early July. Each building is impacted from the high school foyer to all fourth-grade classrooms, to North’s new classrooms and more.            

The annual surplus sale is set for July 27 at the Auto Shop, with iPads being sold separately in the foyer of the High School. More information will be coming.