General Information

Asbestos Update:

In compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), in the fall of 1988 we performed inspections of each of our school buildings for asbestos-containing building materials. The inspection findings and asbestos management plans have been on file in each school administrative office since that time. The EPA requires us to perform re-inspections of the asbestos materials every three years. Routine surveillance is conducted every six months on remaining ACM materials. The results of the re-inspection are on file in the management plan in each school’s administration office. Everyone is welcome to view these anytime during school hours. 

Pesticide Notification (annual):

Omak School District #19, in accordance with RCW 17.21.415, has established new procedures for the notification of use of pesticides on school property. Pesticides that may be applied on a regular basis include the following: Nufarm Credit Systemic Herbicide, Nufarm Weedar 64 Broadleaf Herbicide 2,4-D Amine, Zero In insecticide spray, Wasp A Foam foaming Insecticide spray. These pesticides may be applied on school grounds and/or in school buildings. Commercial applicators or district staff may apply these pesticides. Omak School District has established a registry system for the advance notification of each pesticide application. Any person who would like to be included in the advance notification system will be required to register in the Omak School District Administration Office. Copies of pesticide use and annual summaries will be available at the Administration Office, 619 W Bartlett, Omak, WA 98841 .