Message from the Superintendent


Dr.Swanson  Dr. Kenneth Erik Swanson, PhD
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  The Omak School District has embarked on a course of
  continuous improvement and narrowing of purpose and mission.
  The mission statement “creating a future for every child” is in
  direct response to the needs of many of our children who have
  no image in their mind of any future past the today. By
  organizing ourselves to serve this mission, we will serve all
  students well. The vehicle that we follow to build those futures
  is the vision of the Omak School District. That vision is to help students achieve “success through aligned, intentional, and meaningful programs.” 

The mission is expressed through our District Strategic Plan that supports all academic, artistic and athletic programs. Each of five goal areas puts all the resources of the district behind the mission. We work toward each goal area knowing that home and community are the foundation of learning for our students. We are committed to the relationships that form strong partnerships in our community. The relationships we build make teaching and learning relevant to students and their lives. Achieving that relevance enables the mastery of rigorous content and overall high performance essential to student success. 

Amidst the many distractions of the “latest things” in education, we are working to keep our focus narrow and our efforts reserved for those content areas that will serve our young people and society best. Our academic foci are high level literacy, math competency, and a strong sense of place in our diverse cultures and histories. Respect for the diverse cultural heritages of our community is essential. To this end we structure our programs to provide experiences that move young learners to the highest level, engage them in broad experiences in academics, visual and performing arts, career and technical education, as well as a full offering of athletic programs. 

If you were unable to attend the scheduled group meetings or public forum with Dr. Bill Jordan of Northwest Leadership Associates, we encourage you to complete the attached survey to provide input for our upcoming superintendent search. The board values and encourages all input during this search process. Thank you.